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You might probably know a lot about dumpster rental. This is especially true if you are in the industrial, commercial or construction industry. You could definitely compose a whole article about the subject. However, if you are like most interest individuals, the need to rent a dumpster comes up only a few times in your lifetime. This means that, like most people, you only have an inkling what dumpster rental is all about. You can get rates for dumpster rental at: Dumpster rental Orlando

  • Size matters

Among the first few things you need to know about dumpster rental is the size of the dumpster you will need. One of the most common mistakes people make in dumpster rental is getting the wrong size. They either get something that is too big or too small for their purposes. Paying for something that is only half-filled absolutely makes no sense. Most dumpster rental companies offer the following sizes:

  • 10 yard dumpsters

These are good for small remodeling projects or medium sized cleanouts like a deck under 300 square feet or shingle roof removal under 1,500 square feet. They hold 10 cubic yards of material or 3 pickup trucks full of debris.

  • 20 yard dumpsters

They are definitely good for those medium sized remodeling projects or for major cleanouts like carpet removal for a large home, shingle roof removal over 1,500 square feet or deck removal over 300 square feet. They hold 20 cubic yards of material or 6 pickup trucks full of debris.

  • 30 yard dumpsters

These are generally used for more commercial purposes or for a major home addition or new construction. They hold 30 cubic yards of material or around 9 pickup trucks full of debris.

  • 40 yard dumpsters

They are usually more for commercial or industrial purposes, but if you are doing a complete window or siding replacement, this could just be the size for you. They hold 40 cubic yards of material that translates into around 12 pickup trucks full of debris.

  • What your trash is made up of

Another factor to consider is the kind of waste you have. A lot of dumpster companies don’t allow a mixture of materials. For example, gravel and fill most likely could not be combined with other materials. Also, depending on what you are going to be dumping, the weight could be a factor. Heavier items are going to cost more to dump. To determine the cost of the dumpster rental, consult your dumpster rental company for further details.

  • Know what you should not be dumping

It is against the law to dispose of hazardous material. Hazardous waste include chemical products, herbicides and pesticides, oil filters, solvents, radioactive materials, paint (except totally dried latex paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, partially filled aerosol cans, motor oil, propane tanks, transmission oil/hydraulic oil/lubricating oil/contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), antifreeze, refrigerators, petroleum contaminated soil/lead paint chips, batteries, tires, railroad ties, fluorescent bulbs, asbestos, medical waste, sealed barrels or cylinders, dead animals and all liquids.

  • Research before you rent

Renting a dumpster can be a huge expense and prices can greatly differ from one supplier to the next, so do your homework and get at least two quotes from dumpster rental companies. It is wise to inquire about extra expenses like overage charges, late fees, tipping fees and fuel surcharges so that you will have a true comparison.

  • Negotiate

It is very important to negotiate the price. Commercial contractors do it all the time. You should as well. Also, don’t be too shy to ask about special discount pricing. Some dumpster rental companies sites offer discounts of 10% or more to military personnel services, seniors, veterans or members of certain organizations. More likely, you will not hear about them unless you inquire.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the article is what to dump and what not to dump. Renting a dumpster for your home is almost like watching a magic trick. You fill a box full of stuff you don’t need then it all disappears. While it may be tempting to think that renting a dumpster means that anything and everything that you need to get rid of gets tossed easily as long as it fits, there are just some items that dumpster rental services are not equipped to handle. dumpster rental in Chicago at: dumpster rental program